Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy
This web technology policy («Cookie Policy») describes how we at the «JSC Logistic-Centre» operate our website while safeguarding the website visitors’ interests in data privacy.
Subject to your web browser’s settings, we collect information that is sent to us automatically by your web browser when you access our websites by help of a cookie. This information typically includes the IP address currently assigned to your computer and the type of operating system and browser installed. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your computer’s hard disk by a web server There is a «session cookies» and a «persistent cookies».
Session cookies
We use session cookies to assign a randomly-generated unique identification number to your computer each time you visit one of our websites. A session cookie expires after you close your browser. We use session cookies to support the functionality of our websites and to understand your use of our websites, i.e. which pages you visit, which links you use, and how long you stay on each page.
Persistent cookies
Where admitted, we use persistent cookies, which do not expire immediately after you close your browser, but stay on your computer until they expire after a set period of time or you delete them. Each time you visit any of our websites, our web server will recognize the persistent cookie on your computer’s hard drive. By assigning your computer a persistent, unique identifier, we are able to create a database of your previous choices and preferences. The unique identifier also helps us to keep a more accurate account of how often you visit our websites, how often you return, how your use of our websites may vary over time, and the effectiveness of our promotional efforts. This information is however not revealing your personal data, it solely reveals movements made on your computer. If you access our websites through an e-mail we have sent you or you’ve created a «user identity» during one of your visits, the information provided by our or our third party service provider’s cookies may be linked to information in our records that identifies you personally.
Consent to Use Cookies
Session cookies do not require your prior consent, since they are necessary for the functioning of the website and will expire once you have left the site. Persistent cookies that track your previous choices and preferences but are not necessary for the functioning of the website require your express prior consent. By navigating our website you consent to our use of persistent cookies, unless you change the settings of your computer to avoid such cookies being installed. The same applies to third party cookies.
How to Change Your Cookie Preferences
Configuring your Internet browser is free and an effective way of managing cookies. You can select between:
  • enabling the use of all cookies integrated in the pages and content that you consult. Note: on the one hand, these cookies will only be readable by their issuers. On the other hand, this process is not definitive, and it will always be possible for you to disable these cookies afterwards, (cookie management will vary depending on your Internet browser; please refer to the relevant instructions)
  • blocking the use of cookies on your device. In this case, we would advise you that ease of navigation will be affected. Some functions require the use of cookies (for example, it is possible that your operating system will not be recognized or that the language displayed will not be the expected language). Consequently, we will accept no responsibility for any inconvenience caused by the possible malfunction of our services due to the necessary cookies being unavailable
  • to be asked by your browser to either agree or disagree before the installation of a new cookie on your device
  • accepting or rejecting the cookies depending on the issuer

The way cookies are managed depends on your browser. For more information on usage instructions: